Why OMI?

Generally speaking, OMI is the only destination to provide constant and consistent video classes to teach the best practices of digital marketing in an easy-to-learn format with new video webcasts coming in every week.

It’s a place to learn more (much more) for a lot less. With individual monthly subscription plans starting at $27, certificate programs under $500 and team learning programs under $1,000, we have built a scalable, affordable and quality library of hundreds of online classes where everyone can learn. There are five big wins our subscribers and students see every day:

1. Learn to Earn. Folks are accelerating their (or creating new) career paths by having a better knowledge set for any digital, social or data opportunities. Can you say “Smartest guy/gal in the room?!”

2. Educate to drive ROI. Learn a best practice, put it into play in digital efforts and voila! Better results, right? Pretty straightforward.

3. Build Better Employees. Keep existing employees engaged and excited, maintain clients/partners through better exchange of knowledge and make sure turnover is reduced internally and externally.

4. Save Time On-Demand. The ability to watch any class at any time and skip to sections in that class to get exactly what you need to apply to that next meeting or campaign will save you massive time, not to mention that incessant searching on Google for something good.

5. Cost Reduction Through eLearning. Finally, we have come to the adoption point where learning online is normal, accepted and preferred. And guess what? It’s a huge cost savings in comparison to that weeklong event, in-person training or other one-off teaching programs. Learn from the best in a way that costs the least. In many cases we are talking about millions of dollars in cost savings.


• Why OMI for Agencies? The agency sits at the epicenter of the digital marketing industry, making it absolutely critical for its staff to be at the forefront of what’s happening and wellversed in the foundations of digital and social media. Client retention, employee churn reduction and new business are just a few outcomes for those who utilize eLearning “Digital Level Setting” programs, Latest Trends Continuing education and custom Digital and Social Essentials certificate/testing programs.

• Why OMI for B2B Enterprises? Being a successful B2B marketer is directly correlated with being a strong digital marketer. Lead generation, email open rates, Google Rankings and, of course, content marketing are a few areas we must all have a firm grasp on. Toss in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and now we have a plate full of areas where we must continue to learn. B2B marketing teams all must have a well-rounded knowledge base of each area plus individual expertise in specific areas to be effective. That’s why OMI has an entire channel dedicated to B2B!

• Why OMI for SMBs? As a small business, you simply must drive sales through digital. Whether it’s someone finding you on a local search or getting the word out through email and social media, you can no longer survive without the fundamentals of a good website, a Google presence and a social strategy in place. OMI has created a whole category of classes geared toward helping the SMB owner or overworked marketer drive some real gains and prioritize efforts.

• Why OMI for Recent Grads and Career Seekers? Unemployment is high for those just out of school. In some areas it’s as high as 50 percent. We understand how hard it is to get a job with little to no work experience, so OMI has created “Essentials” certificate programs to give those seeking a job a resume with credentials that will help them stand out in any interview. Digital also happens to have more jobs than can be filled. And these programs will cost you less than that large pizza you bought last night!

• Why OMI for Start-Ups? Got some funding? Or maybe you’re head-down in bootstrap mode? Either way, you need to figure out how to win over clients and drive some sales, and quick. The most cost-effective method, of course, is digital. It’s time to get some learning under your belt so you can spend your money and time wisely and get in-the-know before you run out of cash! OMI is the easiest path to jumpstart the learning today.

• Why OMI for the University or School? Is there a textbook for teaching marketing today? I don’t think so. With digital and social changing every week, any print edition is outdated the day it goes to press. OMI has created custom courseware to “flip” the classroom so students can hear from the top minds, authors and practitioners in digital and learn what’s most important today for the professor to demonstrate and discuss come class time. And yes, it costs less than most textbooks.

• Why OMI for the World? Headquartered in San Francisco, the heart of all things digital, OMI literally exports the world’s best knowledge every day. Combining the top minds at Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, etc. with the instructors using these platforms and tools and using local instructors who apply these principles in your locale make this an amazing learning experience. Learn Google Display Retargeting from Google, then watch a class from a top digital display marketer on “how to make it work,” then learn from a local instructor how to use this information for your market. Google inside and out!





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My OMI subscription makes it easy for me to stay on top of what's working now in digital. As a small business marketer, I wear many hats — from managing email, to search, to social media, and more — and thanks to my OMI subscription, I am able to successfully execute these campaigns and increase sales for my company and my clients.   

Anna Lucia Novak

Small Business Marketing Consultant