Essentials of Effective Marketing (Workshop)

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What if you could inspire more people to believe in the things you do? Great marketing is about being influential. But it is too easy for buzzwords and platforms to get in the way. In this “non-obvious” workshop, you will learn a new way to think about your marketing strategy even if you’re not a natural marketer. You’ll learn some of the biggest myths in marketing today, five powerful ways to tell your story, a quick introduction to the world of digital marketing and a hype-free introduction to content marketing and social media. This is the ultimate introduction to marketing - and a great guide to promoting yourself or your business!

You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create an amazing story, one that will influence your market in a valuable way
  • Think sequentially about your marketing strategies, to accomplish immediate and future goals
  • Learn how to develop a positioning strategy that differentiates your offering from other similar products
  • Develop an execution plan that supports your strategy by creating the right teams and content
  • Learn storytelling tips and tricks, how to write engaging copy, how to think about your marketing strategy using clearly defined story models
  • Bring your brand into the digital world using e-commerce, information, community, service and entertainment
  • Gain and introduction to the ‘Paid, Owned, Earned, Rented’ model and learn the value of each
  • Learn how to focus on value instead of volume, and begin to think beyond the spreadsheet
  • Expunge your Social Media myths, and learn how to create amazing usages for Social Media that work for your company 
Instructor: Rohit Bhargava

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