Digital Advertising, Copy & Testing

Best Practices
48 min
Search Engine Marketing

Creating great ad copy used to be simple - combining a captivating headline and some explanatory text with a call to action was all it took. Now with the addition of dynamic text functionality, extensions that change virtually weekly, and an increase in ad fatigue from consumers, making ads that stand out effectively are harder than ever to create and optimize. In this session, I'll explain how to create ads that combine creativity and technical expertise and how to improve your results with testing and analytics.

You Will Learn

  • 3 tips to creating ad copy that works
  • 5 unique strategies for compelling headlines
  • How to qualify your user before they click on your ad
  • How to identify and optimize the key metrics for ad copy success
  • How to implement advanced techniques in your ad copy structure (extensions, dynamic text)
  • Strategies for Auditing your ad copy to keep up with the ongoing changes to the interface


Instructor: Courtney Herda

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