How to Use Big Data to Predict Sales and Forecast Revenue

Increase revenue by alerting sales of the leads and opportunities that are ready to buy.

29 min
Web Analytics & Testing

By predicting when leads are ready to buy, you can leverage that information to deliver the most relevant and effective marketing, alert sales of leads and opportunities, and better measure marketing effectiveness.

Start developing your predictive analytics program today with a proven model that has been statistically validated with an 85% accuracy rate. With this model, you'll be able to correlate multiple channels of interaction data (web, call, email, CRM, social, search, call center, marketing automation), and identify patterns of activity prior to a purchase, based on previous customers. Then, when other companies exhibit similar behavior, you can predict when they will buy, too.

Finally, you'll be able to send those results to all downstream sales and marketing systems, including your CMS for delivering personalized content, marketing automation to enhance lead scoring, and your CRM or account reps as leads and opportunities.

You Will Learn

  • How Cisco predicted $300M net new opportunities last year and how you can too¬†
  • How to use data to optimize and predict the success of your marketing spend, deliver more relevant marketing, and alert sales with leads and opportunities
  • A proven formula for identifying purchase intent
  • How to put your data to work for you without relying heavily on IT resources.
Instructor: Amanda Kahlow

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Anna Lucia Novak

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