Mobile Cross-Screen & Social Media Channel Attribution

18 min
Web Analytics & Testing

Successful marketers know conversion paths routinely span search, social and other channels. So how should marketers award each channel its fair share of credit for a conversion?

To best optimize media buys based on a transaction or some other conversion event, advertisers must account for every step in the consumer’s path that led them to that conversion. Multi-touch attribution helps make sense of the complex web of online marketing touch points; from awareness, to consideration, to intent through to purchase. These attribution models offer marketers different methods of assigning credit to various touch points based on their specific goals and other important factors.

Attendees will learn methods for assigning credit to touch points across the entire customer engagement cycle and purchase funnel. Those who can better understand the full path to conversion and apply flexible attribution models can allocate credit for conversions to customer touch points that have a significant impact on driving consumers into and through the purchase funnel.

You Will Learn

  • How the purchase funnel has evolved
  • What attribution models are available today, and why data-driven, multi-touch attribution models are important
  • Methods to more accurately assign credit throughout the buying cycle
  • How emerging innovation in dynamic attribution is enabling a better understanding of the complex path-to-purchase


Instructor: Kelly Wrather

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