Fundamentals of Digital Copywriting

Learn which elements to implement into your content strategy to better connect with your audience.

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Writing copy for marketing purposes is an art form. Given the dynamics of the Internet, writing copy for digital marketing can be extra difficult because there are certain rules and nuances you need to observe.

The online copywriting course from Online Marketing Institute reinforces the fundamental principles of copywriting. The course covers everything from creating valuable and enjoyable content to improving your proficiency on some of the digital requirements of any piece of content created.

The fundamentals of great copywriting for digital involves the creation of content with the following characteristics:

• Structure that is easy to scan through
• Enjoyable and audience-appropriate
• Original and compelling

Digital requirements include the likes of creating relevant headers, observing proper keyword density, determining appropriate content volume, and proper internal linking and originality.

This online copywriting class, as well as the other online copywriting courses we offer in this section were created to help you create content for the digital consumer. The lessons are relevant whether you are writing for a mobile or traditional digital audience.

This page and the related sections of the Online Marketing Institute are dedicated to online copywriting training. We want to help you develop skills that will make you a better digital writer, content marketer, blogger or site owner. This digital marketing class is specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of digital copywriting and help you progress through the other online copywriting classes. Greater familiarity with these principles is possible through daily application of principles learned, whether at work or by practice.

These fundamentals of digital copywriting are meant as an introductory course to our other content marketing courses:

• Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy
• Introduction to Campaign-Based Content Marketing
• Blueprint for Content Marketing Strategy
• Creating Content that Converts: Lean Content Marketing for Lead Generation
• B2B Technology Blueprint for Great Content Marketing
• The New (Real-Time) Rules for Content Marketing
• Opportunities in Content Marketing
• Channel Strategies To Avoid Getting Lost With Your Content Marketing Program
• Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media
• Best Practices for Integrated Content Marketing and Social Media
• Content Marketing Best Practices
• The Content Marketing Landscape

These courses, along with this introductory course, are designed to help you conceptualize content marketing strategies, create compelling copy and get the ear (or eye) of the right target audience.

You Will Learn

  • How to align your communications and business objectives 
  • Ways to create highly relevant messages that resonate with readers 
  • The key to writing magnetic headlines 
  • How to craft fun and interesting stories that make your content memorable 
  • Ways to make an emotional connection with readers and drive response. 
Instructor: Barry Feldman

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