How To Create Content For B2B Marketing

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74 min
Content Marketing

Where other training programs and courses often stop at strategy, this section digs deep into techniques and tools to help you actually create great content to deliver on your content strategy. Taking a comprehensive tactic by tactic approach, you will learn techniques for everything from setting up and distributing a successful corporate blog to best practices for developing webinars and live events. For each tactic, you’ll get specific “Tips & Tricks” to help you avoid the amateur mistakes and jump start your program – as well as learn from dozens of existing efforts from other peer B2B brands.

You Will Learn

  • Methods of content creation and when to use each one
  • How to set up, manage, resource and promote a corporate blog (and when you should avoid creating one at all costs)
  • The basics of creating audio or video podcasts and how to decide on the right platform for your situation
  • How to set up a strategy for Twitter and tips for effectively using Microblogging
  • The best practices for publishing white papers and how to extend your existing efforts in this area to also include published Slideshows and tap the power of e-publishing
  • How to effectively use images and Infographics, and three tools for Infographic creation you need to start using immediately
  • What you need to know in order to get the maximum value from your live events as well as how to create successful webinars to drive leads or build corporate reputation
  • About online video creation, distribution and promotion.
Instructor: Rohit Bhargava

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