How to Leverage Earned & Owned Media to Create Effective Paid Media Programs

Get your content in front of the right people, at the right time.

Strategy & Planning
37 min
Content Marketing

Does your content marketing program subscribe to the belief of “write and they will come?” Often times the last mile of content marketing—content distribution—is forgotten or perceived to be too time consuming or not scalable. However, people don’t find content by mistake, or by accident. We need to deliver it to them. The problem is content sharing is messy.

There are multiple platforms that have their own unique format, multiple content types, and disparate metrics to normalize. Furthermore, attention today is fragmented across devices, publications, and time. We consume media in 5 minute chunks while on the go. Think about your own media consumption habits. How many different media consumption devices alone do you use on a daily basis? Or how many are sitting in front of you now? An integrated paid and earned strategy is key—and will ensure your message and content gets in front of your best prospects at exactly the right time.

You Will Learn

  • Proven strategies for saving money in your paid media programs by leveraging earned & owned media
  • How to uncover and leverage basic data you already have to create a content sharing program
  • How to get the most mileage from every piece of content you create
  • How to keep customers and prospects coming back to your website to consume your content.


Instructor: Bill Flitter

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