How To Leverage Email & The Social Inbox

23 min
Digital Advertising & Affiliates

Online advertising spend is expected to reach $62 billion by 2016, according to a recent eMarketer study. Yet, if you asked GM’s former CMO, Joel Ewanick, the true effectiveness of digital advertising options like Facebook are highly questionable. Just last year, Ewanik pulled GM’s $10,000,000 advertising spend on Facebook, saying the ads it ran on the world’s No. 1 social network that had little impact on consumer car purchases.
Digital advertising was approximately a $37B business in 2012, but while ads are excellent for driving awareness, they’re not very effective at driving the bottom line (or many KPIs in-between for that matter). Plenty of marketers are looking for innovative ways to drive key performance indicators beyond just raising brand awareness, and fortunately, they’re likely already employing tactics that just need to be translated to new forms of communication.
Learn how the social inbox is an untapped goldmine for marketers looking to drive their ROI.

You Will Learn

  • How social inbox marketing compares to traditional email marketing
  • How digital advertising performs with metrics outside of increasing awareness
  • What is the impact of reactive versus proactive engagements?
  • Which brands are leveraging the social inbox to date
  • Which social networks are the most effective for leveraging the social inbox




Instructor: Adam Wexler

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Anna Lucia Novak

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