Why You Need a Performance Marketing Program

How implementing a performance marketing program can grow any size business.

18 min
Digital Advertising & Affiliates

Performance marketing is a growing and robust marketing channel that is often misunderstood and rarely used to its full potential. This class will give you the knowledge you will need to create a new performance marketing program or get the most out of an existing one. You will be guided through the process of starting a performance marketing program, how you can enhance and grow that program to bolster your business and take a look at some future trends of the industry.

You Will Learn

  • What a performance marketing program is and how to launch one
  • The technical side of a performance marketing program
  • The different types of performance marketers and which ones are right for your business
  • How performance marketing can benefit your business, even when you don't make a sale
  • Future trends in the performance marketing channel and how to take advantage of them.


Instructor: Jon Levine

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Anna Lucia Novak

Small Business Marketing Consultant