How to Drive Response with Psychology-based Marketing

Develop a better online response through psychological online marketing techniques.

28 min
Email Marketing

The latest research shows email subject lines that use the “scarcity principle” get more opens than any others. Starch tests confirm ads containing a “compliance trigger” get a 32 percent higher read rate than the same ad without it. Several studies show the “consistency principle” initiated in social media drives offline revenues. In this class, you will learn the meaning of these terms, and how digital and social media marketers can best use them. The psychology behind these triggers for online action reveal how to best use them in marketing creative. You will learn how to insert them into marketing messages to increase the likelihood that customers and prospects will take the action marketers want them to. You will discover how these psychology-based techniques can boost the effectiveness of your digital and social campaigns to engage customers and drive response.


You Will Learn

  • How to easily embed automatic action drivers into digital/social media
  • How the scarcity principle prompts the highest email open rates
  • The compliance trigger that delivers 32 percent more ad readership
  • How to leverage the surprising pull of the reciprocity principle
  • The persuasive power of availability bias.
Instructor: Nancy Harhut

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