Tracking & Measuring Email Marketing Results

40 min
Email Marketing

One of email marketing's greatest assets is the ability to measure precisely what's working and what isn't—provided you know what impacts performance the most and the metrics that truly matter! In this class, you'll learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to email marketing and how to calculate them, as well as advanced metrics like engagement analysis and ROI.

Once sent, email campaigns and programs must be tracked and analyzed. This class teaches metrics and measures relevant (and specific) to email as well as how to calculate and use them in creating advanced key performance indicators like engagement analysis and ROI. A series of KPIs and advanced measures for email campaign analysis are also presented.

You Will Learn

  • The four categories of meaningful measures
  • Measuring campaign contribution
  • Comparative analysis
  • Aligning email results with business goals
Instructor: Karen Talavera

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Anna Lucia Novak

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