The Google Hummingbird Update and What to Do

Learn how keywords are evolving and how to implement them into your content.

How To
25 min
Web Analytics & Testing

Don’t believe the hype, keywords aren’t dead. They’re just evolving. Targeting the right keywords is still just as important as it was 5 years ago… and 5 years before that. What matters the most is not only your strategy for finding great keywords, but how you implement them into your content, your onsite optimization and even your paid search campaigns. This class will help you optimize your keyword targeting efforts, implement your strategy and measure your success.

You Will Learn

  • How to optimize your keyword strategy
  • What software to use to automate your strategy
  • How to indicate what keywords your competitors are targeting
  • How to implement your keywords naturally into your content
  • Why it’s important to measure your results and how to do it.


Instructor: David Black

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