The How To's of Using Google+

Grow your Google+ network to maximize your SEO efforts.

How To
50 min
Social Media Marketing

Google+ has changed the way we think about Search Engine Optimization. With the combination of Social and Search you can now build a loyal community who will engage on your content, signaling to Google it deserve to surface in Search. In this class, you will learn the best practices for building a strong community on Google+ to improve your organization's search rankings.

You Will Learn

  • How to build trust, reputation and authority in your niche
  • How to distribute structure posts for your content when distributed on Google+
  • How to increase engagement you receive for your on content, and in turn give HUGE uplifts to your web traffic
  • How to find, and build up relationships with key influencers (who will help to distribute your content)
  • How to build 'opt in' lists that will help with campaigns for key content.
Instructor: Martin Shervington

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