Facebook & Social Media Advertising Planning for Rich Media

Increase visibility in your audience's social streams.

Strategy & Planning
54 min
Social Media Marketing

This social stream marketing class offers insight into how to increase brand visibility in your audience’s social streams, providing information on how cross-channel, integrated and multi-touch marketing strategy drives engagement, builds customer loyalty, and increases conversions. By understanding the effectiveness of marketing in the social newsfeed, experienced social media marketers design and execute a social-mobile strategy to reach and convert customers in their newsfeed. Social media experts know how to advertise in social streams and implement rich media campaigns that enable them to cultivate brand awareness for their audience. This social media marketing class, Marketing in Social Streams: Driving Product Discovery, Engagement and Advocacy, instructed by Marko Muellner, shows you how to move social consumers from product discovery to engagement, advocacy, and finally to conversion, regardless of how they access their stream.

You Will Learn

  • Why the newsfeed matters—and how to ensure your audience sees you on it
  • Why marketing in the social newsfeed is effective
  • How to design and execute a social-mobile strategy for reaching and converting customers in their newsfeed
  • How to scale reach, frequency and outcomes, and the impact it will have on the marketing funnel
Instructor: Marko Muellner

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