Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing

Market Your Business With Facebook. In this class, you will learn step-by-step how to create a strategic Facebook plan so it works for you, rather than against you. You will walk away with an action plan, implementable steps and a better understanding of how to integrate Facebook into your business from a strategic perspective.

Strategy & Planning
27 min
Social Media Marketing

Why do businesses turn to Facebook when marketing a product or service? It's because people flock to the social media site to interact with others and read updates. If you've yet to turn to Facebook for your online promotions and audience interaction, you're losing all the opportunities to tap into a new market  and the potential to let your business thrive online.

This Facebook marketing course will teach you everything you need to know about social media interactions, including:

• Targeting and engaging with the right social audience
• Managing your Facebook business profile
• Creating shareable, relevant content
• Maximizing the unique selling proposition of your brand
• Directing website traffic towards your Facebook profile
• Determining the appropriate social and digital strategy

You will learn the basics in this Facebook marketing training class, and learn how to apply these principles to provide your brand leverage across social channels. The learning session will give you a background on how social integrates into the digital landscape.

Taught by Kylie Bartlett, the Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing course will open you to the endless possibilities that Facebook offers - from enhanced brand presentation to wider audience reach. Kylie will discuss the major points that a lot of business owners and digital marketers often overlook when it comes to social media promotions.

The Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing class emphasizes the best social media practices of today. By the end of the learning session, you will have knowledge of updated techniques and proven methodologies that top businesses are using.
This class also serves as an introduction to related Facebook marketing courses, which provide you with a wider scope when it comes to social media marketing:

• Community Building Across an Ever-Changing Social Landscape
• Transitioning from Social Media to Social Business
• Digital Marketing Fundamentals
• Introduction to Social Media Marketing
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• Brand Advocacy Strategies Using Social Media

Online Marketing Institutes provides a steady flow of resources to fuel your expertise, reinforce your digital strategies, and provide a guide for your ventures. Join our Facebook marketing classes today and find out the different techniques that can help your business grow.

You Will Learn

  • Facebook marketing planning fundamentals
  • How to become a social business and identify influencers
  • How to optimize your Facebook profile and overall brand presentation
  • How to implement goals and understand your KPI's
  • How to master Facebook promotions
Instructor: Kylie Bartlett

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