Fundamentals of the Tier 1 Social Platforms

Optimize your presence on the four major social networks.

42 min
Social Media Marketing

This social media fundamentals class offers digital marketers best practices for managing the biggest social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Successful social media marketing often creates a cohesive brand message broadcasted throughout these platforms, utilizing the variety of social media tools to reach a wide range of audiences and measure the results. Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, for example, allows marketers to measure Facebook post views and ensure that they are producing content that their fans respond to. Furthermore, these popular platforms offer opportunities to grow brand audience through promoted products on YouTube as well as Facebook PPC ads. This social media marketing class, Fundamentals of the Big Tier 1 Social Platforms: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, instructed by social media expert Jason Kane, shows how to drive more fans, followers, and conversions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

You Will Learn

  • What the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm is, and how to take advantage of it to ensure your Fans see your updates
  • How to leverage PPC ads on Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your audience
  • Tips for using YouTube's promoted products to engage new viewers
  • When to use promoted stories on Twitter, and how to get started
Instructor: Jason Kane

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