How to Find & Engage Brand Influencers

Increase brand awareness in your community.

How To
36 min
Social Media Marketing

Social media brand marketing classes can show social media marketers how to reach out to new and existing brand influencers, engage them to promote their brand on a budget, and achieve their sales goals. Word-of-mouth marketing through social media networks can foster engagement between like-minded customers, leading to improved brand awareness and increased sales. If a brand is serious about actively engaging with its core audience, then social media influencers need to be embraced as part of its overall marketing strategy. Social media marketers understand important tactics for how to find and engage brand influencers and how to increase site traffic, gain market insights into target markets on social channels, as well as how to measure and evaluate the success of brand marketing initiatives. How to Find and Engage Brand Influencers instructed by Adam Proehl shows marketers which tools and platforms to use, cite interesting case studies, and offer tips for applying these lessons to their business.

You Will Learn

  • How to tie comapny goals to influencer objectives
  • How to determine who is and could be an influencer for your brand
  • The easiest ways to engage your brand influencers
  • How to engage influencers without breaking budget 
Instructor: Adam Proehl

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