Inside The Mind of A Social Influencer

Learn how to leverage an influencer content marketing strategy.

Strategy & Planning
27 min
Social Media Marketing

Marketers now understand that engaging with influencers is a key component of any content marketing strategy. Fortunately, identifying those influencers is becoming much easier thanks to search and social analytics. But crafting a successful engagement strategy entails a deeper dive into understanding how influencers tick and how their behaviors differ based on the social platform. This class will share insights from both a brand and influencer perspective so marketers can tailor their content strategies to the influencers and platforms that best match their consumer.

You Will Learn

  • How to engage with influencers in a tailored fashion across social
  • How to distribute content with influencers most relevant for each platform
  • How to leverage analytics to understand the performance & contribution of each influencer.


Instructor: Holly Hamann

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