Leverage Your Social Network to Drive Business ROI

Analyze your social media network and improve your ROI.

25 min
Social Media Marketing

The biggest challenge with social media isn’t growing a network, it’s identifying the return on investment. Unlike traditional quantifiable values, like sales volume, new customers or direct inquiries, friends, followers and connections don’t convert with ease. Sure, we can see when we have more, but we don’t usually see how or when they will convert into revenue.

Learn how you can start measuring the success of your social media effort by looking at the increase of your social capital. Defined by Nan Lin as, “investment in social relations with expected returns in the marketplace”, social capital is a qualitative value, and in most cases abstract, and the reason to put much effort into it all – you should expect returns in your marketplace. Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu explained that social capital is used to demonstrate how people receive direct and indirect opportunities to places of power and position through the employment of their social connections. Although not equally available to all, it can be increased, and everyone can get something out of it. In this tutorial you will learn how to surpass the challenge of cashing in and turning your social capital into something or worth.

You Will Learn

  • How to evaluate your social capital
  • How to identify the opportunities in your social network
  • How LinkedIn is the perfect platform to jump start your social media evaluations
  • How to develop a message that gets results.
Instructor: Kevin Popovic

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