Optimizing for Facebook Cost-Per-Click

29 min
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing classes can teach social media marketers how to optimize Facebook advertising in order to target relevant audiences, as well as how to analyze auction factors including bid price, ad quality, and performance. Facebook marketing enables advertisers to target audiences based on characteristics such as Facebook interests or geographic location in order to reach the audience segments that provide the best results. Engaged marketers know that Optimizing Facebook advertising for cost-per-click can have dramatic effects on how well a Facebook advertising campaign performs. As Facebook becomes more and more popular with consumers, it is important that marketers know how to take advantage of Facebook advertising’s targeting abilities in order to achieve their Facebook marketing goals and generate broader interest or more revenue. This Facebook marketing class, Optimizing for Facebook Cost-Per-Click, instructed by Simon Dang, shows best practices for how to get the most out of a social media advertising campaign on Facebook.

You Will Learn

  • About the basics of search and social media marketing
  • Why (and why not) you may wish to consider Facebook ads
  • About the difference between Facebook marketplace ads and Facebook premium ads
  • About Facebook auction factors, including bid price, ad quality, and performance
  • About a case study detailing how one company used Facebook advertising to great effect 
Instructor: Simon Dang

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