Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI

Generate a high-quality Twitter following and ignite conversation with your audience. This Twitter marketing class illustrates advanced Twitter marketing tactics to be used by brand social media teams for the purpose of integrating Twitter with other digital marketing channels. Marketers will learn how to develop Twitter marketing strategies that generate a high quality Twitter following and get users to promote the brand.

39 min
Social Media Marketing

Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI focuses on the ways to improve your twitter marketing. This Twitter marketing course provides the essentials to reinforce your social methodologies and launch campaigns that will provide greater returns. This training will enumerate the best practices and principles behind Twitter engagement and social marketing.

The major points covered in this training include:

• Target audience demographics on Twitter
• Embedded Tweets and social buttons for integrated marketing
• Understanding results using analytics tools
• Scalable Twitter marketing efforts
• Successful promotional strategies and proven social marketing methodologies

Apart from these points, this marketing course will help you develop your skills as a social media marketer and digital expert. The course is designed to help you boost social media proficiency and use Twitter as leverage for your marketing efforts.
This training serves as a supplementary course for Online Marketing Institute's Twitter marketing classes. Through this module, you will learn how to segment your audience, apply the latest Twitter techniques, and maximize brand promotion through the social channel. This training will teach you how to raise your profile and extend your reach even further.

Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI will touch upon other sections of social media marketing, including basic metrics and management solutions. This Twitter marketing online training will give you an advanced view on how to integrate digital marketing efforts in social channels. This will also serve as your guide on drumming up anticipation and maintaining conversations among followers.

With hundreds of millions of registered Twitter users, Twitter marketing plans should include tactics such as promotional tweets, employee tweets, and using the right keywords to drive higher engagement. Learn how a well-executed social media strategy and Twitter content development plan can generate brand awareness, brand loyalty and higher ROI. Twitter Tactics for Higher Engagement and ROI, led by Megan Leap, equips brand marketers and business owners with the expertise they need to use Twitter as a social marketing and PR tool.

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You Will Learn

  • How to increase mentions and engagement
  • The technique to integrate Twitter with your digital marketing efforts
  • How to get users to promote your website and content
  • The best ways to tailor your Tweets to your audience using the right channels
  • The secrets to connecting with your Twitter audience
Instructor: Megan Leap

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