Twitter PR and Crisis Management

Discover the best Twitter crisis communication approach for your brand

36 min
Social Media Marketing

Twitter is the social media platform that dominates the dissemination of news, information and discussions in a crisis. Understanding how to leverage and manage Twitter in a crisis is a required skill for all organizations. This skill can mean the difference between being seen as a crisis communications pro, and having the crisis spiral out of control, damaging your organization's reputation in the long-term. In this class, you will learn the skills, knowledge and tools required to develop the right approach to Twitter communications during a crisis.

You Will Learn

  • What your audience expects of you on Twitter in a crisis 
  • How to strategize and plan for meeting those expectations 
  • How to assess and filter through the influx of tweets in a crisis  
  • Which types of tweets and inquiries require a response
  • Different tools to amplify your Twitter communications.
Instructor: Melissa Agnes

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