Unconventional Facebook Marketing Techniques That Deliver Results

Drive more Facebook fans, leads, and interactions.

55 min
Social Media Marketing

This Facebook (FB) marketing class covers new, creative, and unconventional Facebook marketing techniques that can drive more fans and leads, resulting in higher sales volume. These best practice Facebook marketing tactics and strategies, such as leveraging your website traffic to get your video shared on Facebook for free or using Flash applications to gather leads, are not your conventional wisdom when it comes to marketing on Facebook. Knowing how to increase fans by promoting the brand through Facebook video sharing has given many organizations the reward of large increases in traffic and buzz thanks to users sharing content of interest with their friends. From small businesses to big brands, Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool to keep customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden brand reach. This Facebook marketing class, Unconventional Facebook Marketing Techniques that Deliver Results, class led by instructor Emeric Ernoult, offers tips on how to increase brand awareness on Facebook.

You Will Learn

  • How to leverage your website traffic to get your video shared on Facebook for free
  • The best tactic to grow your fan base for free—and only gain fans who want to hear about you
  • How to use Flash applications to gather leads directly within the newsfeed
Instructor: Emeric Ernoult

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