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Get Found! Leverage Paid Search to Drive Traffic and Sales

Marketers and paid search professionals are now faced with unprecedented bid costs and more pressure to drive relevant clicks. Companies are now seeking qualified and trained individuals who can implement best practices and proven methods to paid search and online advertising campaigns in order to help increase brand visibility and drive conversions.

In conjunction with leading research firms and industry associations, the Online Marketing Institute has developed practical Paid Search & PPC training and professional guidance on how to best leverage each campaign by implementing monitoring tools, strategies, tactics, and best practices.


Certification Benefits:

  • Develop a strong understanding of paid search, including how to utilize Google AdWords and other tools to reach revenue goals.
  • Apply proven paid search methods to your advertising campaigns, making them versatile and measurable.
  • Receive paid search credentials and valuable skills in less time and money than a degree would require.
  • Be recognized for your paid search expertise and commitment to evolving your skill set.

What You'll Learn:

  • Discover the different parts of PayPerClick advertising, including the auction model, ranking algorithms and post-click activity.
  • Understand the differences between Google, Yahoo, and Bing and how each can affect your campaigns.
  • Assess the market shared by the search engines as well as past and future PPC trends.
  • Define and measure your and your competitor's keywords and choose those best fit your advertising model.
  • Learn how to structure a campaign, understanding campaign settings and pricing models.
  • Be able to write your ads, develop landing pages, and use ad groups.
  • Review case studies and how different PPC campaigns work for other marketers.
  • Implement a step-by-step process, including execution, measurement, and optimization.
  • Track clicks and ROI to determine the success of each campaign
Class 1

Fundamentals of a Paid Search Campaign

First impressions last – and making sure you make a good first impression is very important in search marketing. When you’re launching a paid search campaign, it is critical to get the essential elements right. This session will talk through what those elements are, and why it is essential to launch with efficiency in mind.
Instructor: Allen Klein
Class 2

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Foundations

The Business Case for PPC- Even with excellent SEO, internet searchers could still miss you. That’s where Paid Search comes in to play. Paid Search, or Pay-per-click (PPC), is demonstrably the most effective spend of any marketing dollar. Consider this lesson part two of how your customers find you.
Instructor: Jamie Smith
Class 3

Developing Strategy—Keyword Research

This module will cover tactics to research your competitors’ keywords and defining your own. The importance of the buying cycle in selecting keywords, and strategies for identifying and targeting your ideal customer during keyword selection.
Instructor: Ron Jones
Class 4

Effective Campaign Setup and Structure

Learn how to structure a campaign step-by-step, understand campaign settings, the differences between the search engines and an overview of search engine dashboards including ad groups and geo-targeting.
Instructor: Alex Cohen
Class 5

Converting Your Paid Search Traffic – Landing Pages

Learn the principles of developing effective landing pages that get visitors to convert. Understand the differences between site pages and Landing Pages, what’s effective and how to test and tweak.
Instructor: Scott Brinker
Class 6

How To Build a Mobile PPC Campaign

You’ve decided to dedicate PPC resources to mobile. So what do you need to do to optimize your strategy and tactics? Find out in this class.
Instructor: Leisa Hall
Course Exam

Paid Search Certification Exam

Course Electives

Paid Search: 33 Optimization Techniques

33 tips and tricks that will impact your paid search marketing results immediately!
Instructor: Zach Morrison

Integrating SEM, Testing, and Analytics for Improved ROI

You know that you want to get the most out of every dollar you spend on search engine marketing, but what you may not know is exactly how to accomplish that goal. Learn how to successfully implement and integrate testing and analytics to get the most from SEM (search engine marketing) efforts. Plus, get an overview of both free and paid tools to support your efforts. After watching, you'll know how to diagram your SEM and analytics process, document your results, integrate your efforts, and more.
Instructor: Daniel Laws
Vice President & Director Of SEM, Elite SEM

Zach Morrison went from intern to Vice President of Elite SEM within seven years. His eye for growth opportunities and ability to form solid relationships have given him a reputation with Fortune 500 clients – with a 95% client retention rate, 75% of new business developments, and 50% growth of client annual spend. He is an SEM industry professional, having been quoted in national publications such as Mashable & Amex Open Forum, appointed as an adjunct professor at NYU, and featured in Expert Series on Grovo.

Founder & President, DaBrian Marketing Group

Daniel Laws, Jr., founder and president of DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC, a leading Internet marketing company since 2008 and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. DaBrian Marketing Group specializes in search engine marketing & web analytics. Daniel is a blogger, Google AdWords Certified Individual, Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional, Google Analytics Qualified Individual, member of SEMPO & Digital Analytics Association (WAA) and has an M.B.A. with an emphasis in Marketing.

Paid Search Account Strategist, Microsoft

Allen has worked with SMB and premium customers at Microsoft, and has a passion for driving exciting PPC results. He has worked extensively across Bing Ads and Google Adwords, and enjoys connecting data to tell rich stories in search, and across the industry. More often than not, you can find Allen with other coworkers "nerding" out over Excel and finding new insights from seemingly routine data. 

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Engine Ready

Jamie Smith, CEO of Engine Ready Software got an early entrepreneurial start during the beginning of the Internet boom building and selling websites. Mr. Smith has over 10 years of Internet Marketing experience, continually staying on top of the newest opportunities in the ever-changing Internet business landscape.

In 1998, Mr. Smith founded World Methods, an Internet marketing agency headquartered on the Island of Martha's Vineyard.

World Methods and Engine Ready merged in September of 2001 putting together a robust online services organization with a talented group of Internet software visionaries. Under Smith's tenure, Engine Ready has transformed from a local Internet marketing services company into a leading strategic software development firm.

Mr. Smith studied Business Administration at the University of Vermont and has a Bachelor of Science in Management and Occupational Safety from Keene State College.

Director of Marketing

Alex Cohen is an accomplished online marketer, blogger, and presenter. He has been a featured speaker at Princeton University's Global Entrepreneurship Week, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo and lectured at numerous universities.

Alex is the Director of Marketing at the subscription flower delivery service H.BLOOM where he oversees customer acquistion. In addition to contributing to Search Engine Watch, Alex writesDigital Alex, a blog about marketing optimization.

Co-Founder and CTO, ion interactive, inc.

As ion’s president and chief technology officer, Scott leads the company’s product development and technical operations from the firm’s Boston office. He has over 20 years of experience in developing and marketing commercial online services and software.

Before co-founding ion interactive, Scott was the managing partner of CyberOps, a web technology consultancy for clients such as Fujitsu, CBS Sportsline, and Tribune Interactive. Prior to that, he was the president of Galacticomm, the leading provider of bulletin board system (BBS) software with more than 25,000 customers worldwide, including Boeing, Dell, Citibank, GE, Intel, and Sony. He started his career as a young entrepreneur, creating early social media software and multiplayer games in the 1980’s, while operating the largest pay-for-play, dial-up online service in the southeastern US.

A passionate advocate of post-click marketing, Scott has written articles for Advertising Age,Adweek, BtoB Marketing,, and DM News. He is a regular contributor toSearch Engine Land and MediaPost and frequently speaks at industry events such as SMX,SES, Pubcon, and Search Insider Summit. He is co-editor of the Post-Click Marketing Blog and a co-author of the book Honest Seduction: How Post-Click Marketing Turns Landing Pages into Game Changers.

Scott has a BS in Computer Science summa cum laude from Columbia University, where he graduated as valedictorian of his class. He also has an MBA from MIT, where he was a Sloan Fellow. He writes a personal blog on marketing technology, Chief Marketing Technologist.

Vice President of Client Services , Anvil Media, Inc

Leisa Hall has been developing strategy for search engine marketing campaigns at Anvil since 2004. Seasoned in organic search engine optimization, social media strategies, and paid search, Hall’s true expertise at Anvil is in driving online paid media strategy for ecommerce businesses, from start-up to Fortune 500. In addition to collaborating with the team at Anvil on account strategy and managing her own client roster, Hall is also a frequent speaker and writer on the topic of Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC Summit, the Online Marketing Institute, the Association of Strategic Marketers count as a few of the arenas where Hall has lent her instruction. Hall is a volunteer at the Children’s Cancer Association, a Portland based non-profit that brings joy to seriously ill children and their families. Save for a 4 year stint in Corvallis, OR earning her BA from the Oregon State University College of Business, Hall is a life-long Portland resident. When she’s not at Anvil, Hall can be found trolling the city’s vintage shops or sharpening her culinary skills in the NE Portland home that she shares with her shoes.


How long does the certification take?
Each certification is broken up into a series of 5-11 classes. Each included class may run between 20-70 minutes in length.

How long do I have to take the certification? 
You are given 6 months to complete your certification following enrollment, so plan to dedicate your time in completing the coursework accordingly. All classes are available on demand and you can take them at your own pace. More time to access the material may be provided on a case-by-case basis. 

What is a passing exam score? How long does the exam take, and how many times can I take it?
After finishing all classes in the certification, you will be ready to take the final exam. To begin click the “Start Exam Now” button underneath the last class in the certification.  The untimed final exam consists of 30-50 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

You must pass with a score of 70% or higher to receive a certification of completion. You will have up to 3 chances to pass this exam. You will receive a digital certification via email upon successfully passing the exam. 

Will I be tested on the classes that are electives?
No. Electives are available to supplement the main certification coursework, so you will not be tested on any of the material covered in those classes as they are optional to watch.

Do I receive a physical or virtual certificate or both? 
Upon completion, OMI will send you a digital certificate via email.

What is the teaching style of certifications? Live or prerecorded?  
Certifications feature prerecorded presentations. Essentially, they consist of 20-70 minute video recordings of a narrated slide presentation.

Can I get a copy of presentation slides or other reference material to print/download? 
At this time, course content and other reference materials are not offered in a non-video format. 

How current is the content for the certification programs? 
OMI's Certifications are constantly being updated to match the industry's latest trends and tactics in digital marketing. Content is either updated or replaced entirely in accordance to the most relevant and current information.

Are OMI certification programs accredited? 
The Online Marketing Institute has been involved in online education for digital marketing longer than nearly all other organizations in the space. To address the topic of accreditation, since there is no accrediting body, OMI has gained accreditation from the States of California and Colorado and has been endorsed (and used by) major non-profit associations within the industry including: The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Email Experience Council (EEC), Local Business Marketing Association(s), Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and more. OMI’s certification programs were then built through Wharton and it's Interactive Media Initiative to build an academically verified method to teach, train and test. 


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