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Drive Relevant Traffic and Increase Your Page Rank on Search Engines 

The top ranking position on Google gets clicked 42.13% of the time - that's 8.5 times the amount clicks the number five position receives! Search engine optimization is one of the best investments a company can make in that it provides a means for it to be visible and established. Being found on Google and other search engines touches every part of your marketing strategy, which is why companies continue to increase spending on search engine marketing resources.

In association with leading research firms and industry associations, the Online Marketing Institute has developed in-depth, advanced SEO training and website optimization, geared specifically toward marketing and Internet professionals who wish to expand their organic presence, quality scores, and relevant traffic.

Certification Benefits:

  • Develop a strong understanding of SEO, including tools, strategies and best practices.
  • Apply proven SEO methods to organically generate relevant keyword phrases for your site.
  • Receive SEO credentials in less time and money than a degree would require.
  • Be recognized for your SEO expertise and commitment to your evolving your skill set.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to leverage industry-standard keyword research tools to organically and continuously determine the most relevant keyword phrases for your site.
  • Create a site wide diagnostic and make specific recommendations for resolution.
  • Learn about server settings, proper indexing of all pages, and the elimination of any perceived duplicate content to ensure optimization efforts.
  • Optimize content for each page identified in the keyword map, ensuring keyword density falls within acceptable parameters.
  • Construct unique title and meta tags to target KWPs.
  • Build internal and external link structures to optimize visibility on search engines and drive traffic.
  • How to measure SEO campaigns via analytics and determine opportunities for growth.
  • Conduct a content audit and assessment to optimize keyword reach and categorization of each page.
  • Increase your Google page ranking by editing your site based of analytics insights.
  • Recognize the value of YouTube as one of the largest search engines and optimize video content.
Class 1

Search Engine Optimization Foundations

Understanding SEO: Beyond the Technical Jargon- Now that you’ve gained an understanding of communications with your current prospects and customers, it’s time for new prospects and customers to find you. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is how your customers find you. But marketers are often put off by all the technical language SEO experts use so they never really understand SEO’s benefits and capabilities.
Instructor: Chris Boggs
Class 2

Fundamentals of SEO

As a critical discipline of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is a topic that must be fully understood to be maximized for business success. In this class, you'll learn the basics of SEO and the central elements that go into SEO success through organic search engine traffic. Learn SEO foundations to increase online traffic to your website and improve your business' visibility.
Instructor: Mark Jackson
Class 3

Discovery Documentation

The discovery phase is perhaps the most essential foundation to building a successful SEO program. Learn how to ask the right questions, assess the competition, and arm yourself with all the information you need up front!
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 4

Keyword Research

Learn how to leverage industry-standard keyword research tools to organically and continuously determine the most relevant keyword phrases for your site.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 5


You can't measure your success if you don't know where you started. We'll introduce you to the tools and reports that can be leveraged to establish baseline rankings. This comprehensive approach includes keyword rankings as well as key traffic figures to establish pre-optimization status.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 6

SEO Site Wide Diagnostic

Gain knowledge of how to create a site wide diagnostic and make specific recommendations for resolution. This includes things like server settings, proper indexing of all pages, and the elimination of any perceived duplicate content. This is a critical step to making sure you are receiving the full value of your optimization efforts.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 7

Keyword Mapping

Learn how to map your desired keywords to the site content and construct unique title and Meta tags targeting these KWPs. Highlights include proper keyword density, keyword proximity and related keyword phrases.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 8

Content Optimization

Discover how to develop a content audit assessment, and based on those findings, learn how to optimize additional content for each new page identified in the keyword map, as it relates to the keyword phrases that each page is targeting. This process ensures that all keyword densities fall within acceptable parameters and that all keyword phrases targeted can be found in the content.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 9

Information Architecture and Global Navigation

Your own site can be a powerful source of keyword-focused links. Learn how to leverage your site's internal link structure and global navigation to boost search engine rankings.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 10

Link Baseline Report

You can't show improvement if you don't know where you started! Learn how to create a link baseline report as a yard stick to measure your success!
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 11

Beginning Analytics

How to measure the metrics that matter in your SEO campaign to demonstrate performance and determine key areas of opportunity for growth.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 12

Continuous SEO

How to edit your site based on analytics insights to further propel your rankings in the Search Engines.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Class 13

External Link Development

How to build links outside to improve your rankings. Links are and always have been one of the best ways to drive rankings but one of the hardest things to conquer. We'll give you some quick tips to get you off in the right direction.
Instructor: Catfish Comstock
Course Exam

Search Engine Optimization Certification Exam

Course Electives

Enterprise Level SEO

With unique issues at the enterprise level, planning your SEO strategy can be a challenge. Take some advice from the experts and learn how SAP prioritized their enterprise SEO priorities in this class!
Instructor: Crispin Sheridan

Fundamentals of Social Media for SEO

Today search engines are the gateway to the web with over 60 percent of searchers turning to Google to find what they need. This social media and SEO marketing class will highlight effective social media strategies for better organic visibility, and will provide a framework for leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) for social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube to increase visibility in search engine results and enhance brand awareness. Through effective keyword use, social media marketers can optimize their social networks to show better in the search engine results for their target audience. Search and social media marketing experts understand how to use social media SEO to optimize their social media content using these keywords and drive more traffic to their social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce

SEO can be especially challenging for ecommerce sites due to high competition. Learn effective SEO tactics for ecommerce sites to help you stand out from the crowd. Discover creative methods for increasing your presence in search results, including rich snippets and video.
Instructor: Janet Driscoll Miller
Senior Director of Search Marketing, SAP

Crispin Sheridan is the senior director of search marketing at SAP in New York. As part of the Global Demand Generation team, he established and runs the search practice at SAP. Crispin is responsible for paid, organic, and mobile search, online testing, and has driven SAP's strategy to harness the channel to drive lead generation. Search at SAP is now fully centralized and globally funded and is run with both an in-house team of eight and agency support.

Crispin has proven that keyword-driven social media marketing can effectively augment search to drive B2B lead generation. Successes include integration with SAP's primary Facebook page and the deployment of "AddThis" across globally.

A frequent guest speaker at SES conferences, including New York, San Jose, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, London, and Hong Kong, Crispin was appointed to the SES Advisory Board in December 2009. He has also been a guest speaker at the e-Metrics Summit and ad:Tech, and is a member of Google's B2B Technology Council. You can follow him on Twitter at @crispinsheridan and read his monthly SEO column on ClickZ.

President & CEO, Search Mojo

Social media marketing class instructor Janet Driscoll Miller teaches best practices for lead targeting, SEO, Google Authorship, as well as retargeting through the Online Marketing Institute (OMI). Janet is the president and CEO of search engine marketing firm Search Mojo. With more than twelve years of search marketing experience, Janet has spoken at search engine conferences, including Online Marketing Summit, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon. Janet also publishes articles in B2B Magazine, Visibility Magazine and others, and contributes to several blogs and online publications, including Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Sage and the Search Insider. Janet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Graphic Arts from James Madison University. You can follow her on Twitter at @JanetDMiller.

Chairman ,

Chris Boggs is a specialist with 13 years experience in managing paid, earned, and owned digital media campaigns. His current (12/12) role involves working across Internet specialties and industries to implement cohesive strategies and synergies between online marketing campaigns and design, user experience, and conversion optimization best practices.

Chris has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000, within all major industries including extensively in Retail eCommerce, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and B2B. Chris has served on the Board of Directors of, the Search Marketing Professional's Organization since 2006, was President 2010-2012 and is the Chairman of the current board.  Chris presents regularly at major search marketing conferences and sits on the Advisory Board for Search Engine Strategies, and he is a part time Blogger for Search Engine Watch

SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive

Mark Jackson joined the interactive marketing fray in early 2000. His journey began with Lycos/Wired Digital, where he managed several integrated marketing programs with a focus in the finance vertical. He then worked with AOL/Time Warner on cross-platform marketing programs. After the bubble burst, Jackson established an interactive marketing agency and has since cultivated it into one of the most respected SEO firms in the US. He is a board member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association and a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association. He spent several years in traditional marketing (radio, television, and print) prior to venturing into all things web.

Director of SEO, BusinessOnline

Search engine marketing strategies such as SEO best practices are taught by instructor Ray "Catfish" Comstock at the Online Marketing Institute. Ray is Director of SEO at BusinessOnline, a performance driven digital marketing agency with a 14-year track record of successfully leveraging deep user insights and a data driven approach to help companies improve customer relationships and campaign ROI. Ray has more than 15 years in the search marketing industry, specializing exclusively in organic search engine optimization and social media strategy. He has presented at numerous industry conferences, including SES Conference & Expo, PubCon, and the Online Marketing Summit (OMS). He is also a contributing author to the BusinessOnline Blog and has been quoted extensively in trade and business publications.


How long does the certification take?
Each certification is broken up into a series of 5-11 classes. Each included class may run between 20-70 minutes in length.

How long do I have to take the certification? 
You are given 6 months to complete your certification following enrollment, so plan to dedicate your time in completing the coursework accordingly. All classes are available on demand and you can take them at your own pace. More time to access the material may be provided on a case-by-case basis. 

What is a passing exam score? How long does the exam take, and how many times can I take it?
After finishing all classes in the certification, you will be ready to take the final exam. To begin click the “Start Exam Now” button underneath the last class in the certification.  The untimed final exam consists of 30-50 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

You must pass with a score of 70% or higher to receive a certification of completion. You will have up to 3 chances to pass this exam. You will receive a digital certification via email upon successfully passing the exam.

Will I be tested on the classes that are electives?
No. Electives are available to supplement the main certification coursework, so you will not be tested on any of the material covered in those classes as they are optional to watch.

Do I receive a physical or virtual certificate or both? 
Upon completion, OMI will send you a digital certificate via email.

What is the teaching style of certifications? Live or prerecorded?  
Certifications feature prerecorded presentations. Essentially, they consist of 20-70 minute video recordings of a narrated slide presentation.

Can I get a copy of presentation slides or other reference material to print/download? 
At this time, course content and other reference materials are not offered in a non-video format. 

How current is the content for the certification programs? 
OMI's Certifications are constantly being updated to match the industry's latest trends and tactics in digital marketing. Content is either updated or replaced entirely in accordance to the most relevant and current information.

Are OMI certification programs accredited?
The Online Marketing Institute has been involved in online education for digital marketing longer than nearly all other organizations in the space. To address the topic of accreditation, since there is no accrediting body, OMI has gained accreditation from the States of California and Colorado and has been endorsed (and used by) major non-profit associations within the industry including: The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Email Experience Council (EEC), Local Business Marketing Association(s), Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and more. OMI’s certification programs were then built through Wharton and it's Interactive Media Initiative to build an academically verified method to teach, train and test.


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