• brandon whalen

Brandon Whalen

Marketing Manager,  Room 214

Social media marketing class instructor Brandon Whalen offers best practices for improving visual storytelling as well as techniques for optimizing social media for search. Whalen is Head of Marketing and a strategist for social media agency, Room 214. He has worked with Travel Channel, Hello Kitty, and other worldwide brands to create and execute social media campaigns to tens of millions of fans. Currently, Brandon leads digital marketing efforts for Room 214 and contributes to CaptureTheConversation.com.

  • Social Media Marketing, BtoB Digital
    Social media marketing classes show how social platforms such as Pinterest can drive referral traffic and generate brand awareness through growing a community on Pinterest. By following Pinterest marketing best practices, brand marketers can create pins that their audience will love and share with other users. Pinterest techniques such as adding pins, creating boards and building pin-able content can...
    Brandon Whalen  •  15 min  •  Basic  •  How To
  • Social Media Marketing, BtoB Digital
    Instagram social media marketing classes emphasize the importance of visual marketing in building brand awareness, cultivating brand loyalty, and increasing sales. To leverage the power of visual content, marketers can enhance their brand’s presence on Instagram by setting up a schedule for regular content sharing. Social media marketing results show that effective use of visual content such as photos, images,...
    Brandon Whalen  •  23 min  •  Basic  •  Essentials
  • Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing
    This social media marketing class explains how visual storytelling through social media is a powerful way of connecting with people online and generating great content that builds brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. Strong content that uses visual storytelling on social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter engages the right audience in the right way. Smart social...
    Brandon Whalen  •  75 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To

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