Jasmine Sandler

CEO,  Agent-cy Online Marketing

B2B social media marketing strategies are taught by Jasmine Sandler at the Online Marketing Institute. Jasmine is a B2B Digital Marketing veteran, with close to 20 years client experience in web marketing project management and corporate training. Miss Sandler has created, developed and managed web marketing projects for hundreds of organizations including: Citibank Mortgage, City Lights Cruises, Diamonds International, Doublerock Corporation, Intercall Corporation, ISO and Loews Hotels, to name a few. Prior to her work in the Internet Marketing industry, Miss Sandler held the position of B2B Sales Manager for IBM Data Services for a period of 7 years.

She is the founder and CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing, an Online PR agency based in New York City, with a professional team and core disciplines in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Digital Planning. Miss Sandler is an active B2B corporate trainer in the areas of LinkedIn Marketing, B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy, Digital Planning and B2B Sales via web marketing. She blogs regularly on her corporate training services site at JasmineSandler.com.

She is the author of several web marketing publications. Most notably, her book, Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way, available on Amazon, is a manual for all business professionals on how to use LinkedIn as a solid tool for sales and marketing.

Miss Sandler is an ongoing speaker for the Internet Marketing and PR industries on the subjects of: Using LinkedIn to Grow Business; Search Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Online Visibility, Web Site Effectiveness for User Engagement and Digital Strategies for Corporate Initiatives.

Jasmine is a frequent speaker and writer for organizations including: Search Engine Strategies, ClickZ.com, Searchenginewatch.com, The Online Marketing Institute, Lorman Education, The Marketing Executive Networking Group, The New York Enterprise Report and The Association of Strategic Marketing.

Miss Sandler holds a dual MBA in Marketing and Technology from the University of Miami. She can be reached via www.jasminesandler.com

  • Social Media Marketing, BtoB Digital
    This B2B social media marketing class shows brand marketers how to develop effective business to business marketing strategies through the effective use of social media channels. In order to effectively execute social media campaigns and communications, businesses need to align their internal team with the goals of the B2B social media strategy. B2B social marketing often includes defining your...
    Jasmine Sandler  •  44 min  •  Intermediate  •  Strategy & Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
    Learn the dos and don’ts of using LinkedIn on a daily basis to generate qualified leads, increase sales, and improve your personal brand. You'll take a quick tour the direct sales areas you should be leveraging on LinekdIn, including Profile Organizer, Lead Builder, Inmail and LinkedIn Groups.

    Plus, you'll see a typical LinkedIn marketing plan that sales professionals and executives...
    Jasmine Sandler  •  33 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Social Media Marketing
    Brand building is not simply about creating a website; it involves using different channels to ensure more exposure to the target audience.

    You can’t always expect that search users will check your website or personal blog entry. Today's digital landscape provides users with diverse channels to visit, and it's up to you to learn how you can use these channels...
    Jasmine Sandler  •  24 min  •  Intermediate  •  Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
    This class will walk you through an extensive self-assessment for any business professional who is seeking to utilize LinkedIn as a personal branding platform. Jasmine will review how to uncover a strong personal brand which can then be delivered via LinkedIn and drive direct target engagement.

    Filled with rich examples of personal brands from executives, recruiters, consultants, sales professionals and...
    Jasmine Sandler  •  49 min  •  Basic  •  Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
    When used correctly, LinkedIn can be one of your best social media marketing tools. Whether you are a new or advanced LinkedIn user, you will learn about the most dynamic LinkedIn features and how to use them to your advantage. Through this class, you will develop an understanding of proper LinkedIn etiquette for building a strong business network.
    Jasmine Sandler  •  23 min  •  Basic  •  How To

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