• chris harmon

Chris Harmon

Principal,  theBATstudio

Chris Harmon helps brands create meaning.As founder and principal at theBATstudio Chris leverages deep expertise in the interaction between Brand, Art and Technology to provide consulting services to clients directed by, and designed to, realize tangible business objectives.Chris refined his approach to brand with a process he coined Brand Synthesis™. The word synthesis reflects his perception that most organizations already have the key ingredients needed to develop compelling, cross-channel brand communications — they just require a little help in identifying and leveraging their knowledge and assets. Chris writes about strategy, design and interactive in his regular blog posts and point of view papers for theBATstudio. He also regularly presents for a variety of organizations, including most recently, the Online Marketing Summit.Chris is passionate about family, sports, politics and education. He is an active member of his community and his children's schools in Oakland, California where he and his family reside. On weekends you'll likely find him outdoors, coaching sports, playing with the family, or enjoying a good read.

  • Webanalyse et test, Publicité numérique et affiliés, B2B numérique
    B2B website design involves content, design, and a well-developed strategy. What’s right? What’s wrong? What works? What doesn’t? After watching this class, you’ll know how to identify problems and implement solutions.
    Chris Harmon  •  49 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Optimisation

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