Let’s Get Even More Practical in Our Marketing

The YP Practical Marketing Learning Center, created in association with Online Marketing Institute, is where you will learn to maximize your marketing return on investment in a way that requires minimal time and effort. YP’s Practical Marketing education series – the original 5-step “how-to” for small business provided you with the basics – the A to Z of marketing. In this new series, we’re pleased to offer you even more in-depth “how-tos” to advance your digital marketing knowledge and help you put it into practice today. Join us for “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing,” and learn more about Practical Marketing with YP.

What You'll Learn:

Social Media

Content Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Web Analytics

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing Automation

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Class 1

Social Media For Boosting Business

Discover how to effectively leverage the 4 major social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter—to achieve your marketing goals. You'll quickly learn how to drive more fans, followers, and conversions, and start improving your social media marketing today.
Instructor: Janet Fouts
Class 2

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Learn the framework for social media marketing success. This introductory class defines what is (and what isn’t) social media marketing and how to describe its real value. In addition, by looking at the five most common social media marketing mistakes, we offer a framework for what types of thinking to avoid on the path to using social media marketing effectively.
Instructor: Rohit Bhargava
Class 3

Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI

Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI focuses on the ways to improve your twitter marketing. This Twitter marketing course provides the essentials to reinforce your social methodologies and launch campaigns that will provide greater returns. This training will enumerate the best practices and principles behind Twitter engagement and social marketing. The major points covered in this training include: • Target audience demographics on Twitter • Embedded Tweets and social buttons for integrated marketing • Understanding results using analytics tools • Scalable Twitter marketing efforts • Successful promotional strategies and proven social marketing methodologies Apart from these points, this marketing course will help you develop your skills as a social media marketer and digital expert. The course is designed to help you boost social media proficiency and use Twitter as leverage for your marketing efforts. This training serves as a supplementary course for Online Marketing Institute's Twitter marketing classes. Through this module, you will learn how to segment your audience, apply the latest Twitter techniques, and maximize brand promotion through the social channel. This training will teach you how to raise your profile and extend your reach even further. Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI will touch upon other sections of social media marketing, including basic metrics and management solutions. This Twitter marketing online training will give you an advanced view on how to integrate digital marketing efforts in social channels. This will also serve as your guide on drumming up anticipation and maintaining conversations among followers. With hundreds of millions of registered Twitter users, Twitter marketing plans should include tactics such as promotional tweets, employee tweets, and using the right keywords to drive higher engagement. Learn how a well-executed social media strategy and Twitter content development plan can generate brand awareness, brand loyalty and higher ROI. Twitter Tactics for Higher Engagement and ROI, led by Megan Leap, equips brand marketers and business owners with the expertise they need to use Twitter as a social marketing and PR tool. Stay updated and explore new opportunities with OMI's Twitter marketing training. Join our classes today and get access to many more resources for digital marketing learning.
Instructor: Megan Leap
Class 4

Know Your Story, Understand Your Customer

In today's digital world, traditional branding is not enough. You need a story to extend your brand. And, you need to understand the right people to share it with. Learn how world-class brands are using traditional storytelling techniques to achieve big results and how you, too, can share your story with across multiple platforms to the people that matter most, your customers.
Instructor: Tina Stock
Class 5

Fundamentals of Digital Copywriting

Writing copy for marketing purposes is an art form. Given the dynamics of the Internet, writing copy for digital marketing can be extra difficult because there are certain rules and nuances you need to observe. The online copywriting course from Online Marketing Institute reinforces the fundamental principles of copywriting. The course covers everything from creating valuable and enjoyable content to improving your proficiency on some of the digital requirements of any piece of content created. The fundamentals of great copywriting for digital involves the creation of content with the following characteristics: • Structure that is easy to scan through • Enjoyable and audience-appropriate • Original and compelling Digital requirements include the likes of creating relevant headers, observing proper keyword density, determining appropriate content volume, and proper internal linking and originality. This online copywriting class, as well as the other online copywriting courses we offer in this section were created to help you create content for the digital consumer. The lessons are relevant whether you are writing for a mobile or traditional digital audience. This page and the related sections of the Online Marketing Institute are dedicated to online copywriting training. We want to help you develop skills that will make you a better digital writer, content marketer, blogger or site owner. This digital marketing class is specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of digital copywriting and help you progress through the other online copywriting classes. Greater familiarity with these principles is possible through daily application of principles learned, whether at work or by practice. These fundamentals of digital copywriting are meant as an introductory course to our other content marketing courses: • Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy • Introduction to Campaign-Based Content Marketing • Blueprint for Content Marketing Strategy • Creating Content that Converts: Lean Content Marketing for Lead Generation • B2B Technology Blueprint for Great Content Marketing • The New (Real-Time) Rules for Content Marketing • Opportunities in Content Marketing • Channel Strategies To Avoid Getting Lost With Your Content Marketing Program • Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media • Best Practices for Integrated Content Marketing and Social Media • Content Marketing Best Practices • The Content Marketing Landscape These courses, along with this introductory course, are designed to help you conceptualize content marketing strategies, create compelling copy and get the ear (or eye) of the right target audience.
Instructor: Barry Feldman
Class 6

Blueprint for Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing without an actionable strategy is often a risk. It is essential to know the true value of content for your audience, and how to integrate different channels to create a results-oriented strategy. Learn the five content planning tactics through which digital marketers can find success.
Instructor: Carla Johnson
Class 7

Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap to Social & Mobile Marketing

This social and mobile marketing class can help social media marketers improve their brand visibility by explaining the tenants of findability via Facebook, YouTube, search engines and more. Successful social media marketers know how to leverage social media and mobile platforms to increase visibility to attract the right customers and grow their business. These mobile social media strategies might include using keyword research on a variety of social networks so that marketers produce a single cohesive and relevant brand message. For example, a social media marketer might use mobile marketing tactics like QR codes, Yelp optimization, or Tweets using specific keywords to raise brand awareness and increase engagement. This social media class, Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap to Social & Mobile Marketing, led by industry expert Heather Lutze, illustrates best practices for creating an integrated social and mobile marketing campaign.
Instructor: Heather Lutze
Class 8

SoLoMo: Social, Local & Mobile Fundamentals

Mobile social media marketing classes help successful mobile marketers use an integrated approach to SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) marketing in order to provide a seamless online user experience through social media and geo targeting. Best practices SoLoMo marketing techniques gives local businesses the right tools to connect with mobile customers based on real-time data to provide prospects with information based on their location and interests. Furthermore, SoLoMo and social mobile marketing enables businesses to advertise their brand’s online presence locally through coordinated content and social messaging. In addition, using mobile check-ins like Foursquare and tailored targeting with geo-fencing. Businesses can increase the value of their mobile marketing efforts by targeting prospective local customers with SoLoMo marketing. This social media marketing class, How to Prepare Your Brand for Today’s Social, Local & Mobile (SoLoMo) Marketing Environment, instructed by Chris Horton, shows mobile marketers how businesses can integrate SoLoMo to advertise and optimize for mobile.
Instructor: Chris Horton
Class 9

Marketing & Mobile

Accessible wherever, whenever, mobile is quickly becoming our primary source for information, research and, ultimately, for making purchases. So how best do we leverage the power of mobile in our marketing strategies? Mobile marketing offers lots of opportunities and this webinar will explore today’s tools and best practices to implement in your own campaigns today.
Instructor: Heather Sears
Class 10

Email Marketing Messaging Best Practices

Email has the highest ROI of any tactic, and despite claims that the medium was dying its impact has not decreased. However, it’s still a challenging tactic with which to get results. This class will cover how to send more effective messages, how to identify segments that will boost engagement, how to test the elements of your messages to get the best results, and how to look beyond the open rate of an email as a measure of success. The central part of email effectiveness is one word: personalization. Creating emails that really work means sending them to the right person at the right time. Additionally, the technology now exists to automate email marketing to make it efficient and more effective. Pair that technology with extensive testing and tracking capabilities and email can quickly become your most effective online marketing tactic.
Class 11

Email Marketing Strategy Foundations

Developing a new email strategy? Learn the key factors to consider in planning and a few advanced techniques to ensure success.
Instructor: Karen Talavera
Class 12

Email Campaign Fundamentals

In this second of our two part email implementation class, Karen takes you beyond the basics into optimization. Learn how to ensure your emails are timely, engaging, and line up with your objectives.
Instructor: Karen Talavera
Class 13

How to Create Effective Email Messages

This class teaches email message design, copy and creative best practices for email message construction!
Instructor: Karen Talavera
Class 14

Introduction to Web Analytics

Foundations of Web Analytics- Begin your learning by focusing on the end. You’re going to be measuring and reporting on your digital marketing efforts. So before you learn about each of the tactics, it’s important to understand what to measure and how to measure it. Keep this lesson in mind as you complete all the remaining classes.
Instructor: Thom Craver
Class 15

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Ask any marketing executive the importance the web plays in marketing their message, and you will be hard pressed to get any answer other than “critical!”. Ask these same executives the specific results each of the marketing activities have in achieving their goals, and the responses may not be as definitive. With most marketing budgets on the decline, it has never been more important to make the right decisions about which online channels to invest in. The creation of a digital measurement plan with Google Analytics is the first step to understand the effectiveness each channel has in achieving your online marketing goals.
Instructor: Matt Cooper
Class 16

How to Improve Landing Page Conversion

Like gasoline, landing pages are powerful but volatile. They can power the engine of your online or burn through leads with little to show. When done right, landing pages will reduce the cost of your advertising. They make everything we do online less expensive by reducing the cost of getting new customers and leads. The good news is that with the right combination of elements, you can enjoy online success and avoid singed eyebrows. In this class learn the easy formula for successful landing pages for selling to businesses or consumers. Brian Massey shows you how to combine some simple elements to create pages that get visitors to act. And it’s completely backwards. You’ll become a confident online chemist when you turn Of + Fm + Pr + Tr + I into Gold.
Instructor: Brian Massey
Class 17

Lead Generation Tactics: SEM Best Practices

Lead Generation & SEM. Sometimes, digital marketing may seem a bit daunting. We know what we want to bring in – business – and we know that online inbound marketing is the way to do it…but we may not sure of exactly how to go about it. Highly competitive, yet highly profitable – if done right – this webinar helps simplify SEM and its best practices, introducing you to keyword selection, landing page optimization, tracking, testing, and maximizing your return.
Instructor: Anna Yum, Tina Stock
Class 18

Fundamentals of a Paid Search Campaign

First impressions last – and making sure you make a good first impression is very important in search marketing. When you’re launching a paid search campaign, it is critical to get the essential elements right. This session will talk through what those elements are, and why it is essential to launch with efficiency in mind.
Instructor: Allen Klein
Class 19

Introduction to SEO

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of communications with your current prospects and customers, it’s time for new prospects and customers to find you. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is how your customers find you. But marketers are often put off by all the technical language SEO experts use so they never really understand SEO’s benefits and capabilities. SEO is ever changing, and there's no way of telling how exactly the digital landscape will evolve next. The only thing that marketers and digital experts can do is prepare for the changes and develop strategies that apply to the current landscape. Where do you start in all these? Introduction to SEO will arm you with the technical expertise to understand what search engine optimization is all about. This in-depth SEO class will teach you the ins and outs of web optimization, provide an outline of the digital landscape, and explain the best strategies to employ in this field of online marketing. This SEO course will give you a look at the latest techniques and methodologies that digital experts recommend. The scope of the course includes: • Identifying the foundation of an effective SEO strategy • Determining the different approaches for on-page and off-page SEO • Understanding the terminologies used in web optimization • Optimizing content to make it user- and search engine-friendly • Building a strong link profile for your SEO strategy • Creating an SEO report and identifying the appropriate metrics • Integrating a solid SEO methodology with your digital marketing efforts The digital landscape didn't come to be without ground rules to guide search marketers towards the right direction. The search engine optimization training you will get from this channel covers the standards and rules on digital marketing. If you have questions about algorithms and the way a search engine indexes a website, this introductory course will provide you a brief background on these topics.
Instructor: Chris Boggs
Class 20

Demand Generation: Defining Your Target Market

Audiences aren’t just average, generic, or a series of demographic information. Your customers have a certain language they use to talk about their needs. They have unique fears, desires, concerns, and goals. Many businesses fail to look beyond a basic list of customer attributes to learn what really motivates their customers to buy. Watch now to learn how to look beyond basic demographic information for your potential customer group. In addition, you'll find out how to build your ‘perfect customer,’ and learn how to talk to more of them. You'll walk away with the secrets to getting inside your target market’s head, and the ability to understand what drives them from curiosity to conversion.
Instructor: Kim Albee
Class 21

How to Build a Lead Nurturing Campaign

73% of B2B leads passed to sales are not sales ready. When marketing passes leads to sales too soon, it can make sales distrustful of the lead generation process in general. That’s where lead nurturing enters the picture. By implementing a lead nurturing campaign it is possible to identify the leads that are ready for sales to contact, and the leads that need more encouragement first. Many marketers still haven’t implemented lead nurturing campaigns. Just starting this process can give a company a huge leg-up. Learn how to implement a nurturing sequence with small, digestible steps that easily pass leads on to the next step in the process. By putting leads into this process they will engage with your content and marketing, and will not be handed off to sales until they’re ready.
Instructor: Kim Albee
Founder and CEO, Tatu Digital Media

Social media marketing best practices are taught by Janet Fouts through the Online Marketing Institute (OMI). Janet is Founder and CEO of Tatu Digital Media, a San Jose Digital Marketing Agency. Founded in 1996, Tatu Digital works with a range of clients from tiny non-profits to Fortune 50 corporations to manage brand reputation, create effective social business strategies, manage campaigns, search engine optimization and marketing.

Janet is a frequently requested speaker on the topics of digital marketing and social business at conferences and within corporations around the world. She has written 4 books on social media, Social Media Success!, Google+ for Business tweet, Social Media PR tweet and Social Media Nonprofit tweet, and blogs at JanetFouts.com and Tatudigital.com with actionable business advice for today's social business. Her writing is syndicated on influential websites such as Social Media Today, Ragan.com, and Business 2 Community. Building a great website Twitter presence, or even a social network is merely the first step to effective digital marketing. You need to understand how best to use these tools to communicate and create lasting relationships. That's where Janet and her team can step in and take you the extra mile. Let us help you see how to use the tools in the most effective way and build a strategy that leads to success. Whether you're just getting your feet wet in the social media pool, or you're in the deep end already and you need to keep on top of the newest information, Janet is your resource. Janet has been involved in online community for over 20 years. She co-founded ONTHERAIL, an award winning online community for the restaurant industry and has continually been involved in online community ever since. I am an active participant in San Francisco Women on the Web (Director 2000-2001), Women in Technology, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, Green & Sustainability Innovators & Innovation Network, and the Social Media Club as well as several industry groups.

CEO & Founder,  Influential Marketing Group

Effective social media marketing strategies are provided by instructor Rohit Bhargava at the Online Marketing Institute (OMI). Rohit leads the Influential Marketing Group and is an independent marketing expert focused on helping to bring more humanity back to business. For the past decade before starting his own “concierge marketing” consultancy to work with brands on a more exclusive one to one basis, Rohit led branding, digital and social media strategy for dozens of the biggest brands in the world through leadership roles at Ogilvy and Leo Burnett marketing agencies in the US and Australia. He is the best selling author of two books (including the recent global marketing best seller LIKEONOMICS), an engaging keynote speaker, and Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University.

President, LEAP

Megan Leap is President of LEAP, a digital marketing firm specializing in conversion-focused digital strategy and campaigns. Megan is a recognized expert on the intersection of search, conversion, social media, and content marketing, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and SmartBrief. She speaks frequently at industry conferences, such as Content Marketing World, MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum, and Search Engine Strategies. Previously, Megan was in charge of marketing and content for the Online Marketing Institute, the most trusted source for digital marketing education and training. Prior to that, she was online marketing manager at MarketingProfs, where she led their social media and conversion optimization initiatives, and ion interactive, where she built their social media, marketing automation, and content program from the ground up. Follow Megan on Twitter @MeganLeap.

Executive Director, Marketing, YP

Tina Stock, Executive Director of Marketing at YPTina Stock, Executive Director, Marketing at YP

An entrepreneurial marketing executive with over 10 years experience in product marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, communications strategy, display advertising and search engine marketing. Tina blogs about marketing at tinastock.com, and you can follow her on Twitter @tinadstock

Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative is a veteran copywriter, creative director and content marketing strategist. He works with clients of all sizes to create effective online marketing programs. In addition to publishing his tips and tactics at the "The Point," www.feldmancreative.com/blog, Barry contributes articles to many of the web's leading publishers of marketing and social media advice.

Carla helps companies tell better stories in order to build stronger brand and customer engagement. Her clients include Motorola Solutions, Sybase, VMware, Encana Oil & Gas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and numerous other multi-national corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. Carla’s a consultant to the Content Marketing Institute, a frequent speaker, contributing author to the book, “Advice From the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing,” and writes articles on the power of storytelling, content marketing and B2B marketing for Chief Content Officer magazine, CMSwire and other high-tech, industry and business audiences. Follow Carla on Twitter @CarlaJohnson.

CEO, Founder, Findability Group

Social media marketing instructor Heather Lutze offers techniques for effective social media & mobile marketing. Heather is the widely acclaimed speaker, trainer, and consultant who literally wrote the book on search engine marketing. Two books, in fact--The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing and the brand new Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing. Her writing and in-demand keynotes and workshops are delivered with the same witty, “no-geek-speak” style that has managed to demystify internet marketing for countless business owners.

Breaking free of corporate “cubicle” jobs well over ten years ago with nothing more than a dream of entrepreneurship and a basement computer, Heather has built her business into a multimillion dollar Denver SEM company—the Findability Group.

These days, you will usually find Heather either preparing to leave for a speaking engagement or just getting back from one. (Apparently, jet-lag is not an issue.) As for her “street cred,” Heather spent three years training advertisers in Paid Search techniques for Yahoo! Search Marketing. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), a sought after Vistage International Speaker and has shared the stage with Tony Robbins Business Mastery in Fiji and London. And yes, Heather has even been on Oprah, and will tell you all about it if you ask!

Heather founded Findability Group in 2000 in response to all the frustrated web site owners who had paid good money for beautiful, high-tech web sites that weren’t bringing in business. As CEO of Findability Group, Heather leads a dedicated and slightly obsessed team of fifteen search marketing pros, whose mission is helping companies connect with their ideal customers online. 

Content Creator and Digital Strategist, SyneCore Technologies

Social media marketing class instructor Chris Horton provides techniques to prepare brands for today’s social, local & mobile marketing environment. Horton is a Content Creator and Digital Strategist for Minneapolis-based Integrated Marketing Agency SyneCore Technologies. An avid tech enthusiast, Chris has written extensively on a number of topics relevant to the growing Marketing Technology industry, including SEO/targeted discovery, inbound, content, social, mobile, apps, online branding/PR, and Internet trends. Chris' marketing tips can be found on SyneCore's Marketing Technology for Growth blog. You can connect with Chris on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, or eMail him at chris@synecoretech.com.

VP Marketing, National Markets, YP

Karen Talavera, the founder and force behind Synchronicity Marketing, is an internationally-recognized email and digital marketing expert. With over two decades of experience she has been praised as “a pioneer in bringing the power of email marketing to the forefront” and “diligent in staying on top of her field, mastering email marketing not just as a specific practice but also in conjunction with social media and other digital channels”.

Karen’s unique blend of digital expertise and finely honed direct response marketing mindset has delivered enhanced marketing performance and improved strategy for clients ranging from ServiceMaster, Bank of the West, AAA, and the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau to agencies, associations and solo-preneurs.

Karen is also a well known and respected trainer and professional educator. In 2000 she launched and continues to teach the comprehensive multi-day Email Marketing Certification for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). She is also an instructor for the Association of National Advertisers, the Online Marketing Institute, and MarketingProfs. Throughout her tenure teaching for these and other groups Karen has trained thousands of marketing professionals, independent entrepreneurs and business owners on how to apply email and related digital marketing channels legally and strategically to grow a steady stream of engaged prospects, loyal customers, and sales.

Karen is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys international travel. In her spare time you’ll find her relishing South Florida life and pursuing one of her many passions including yoga, meditation, writing and Zumba!

Senior Technical SEO Manager, TopRank

Thom Craver is the Senior Technical SEO Manager at TopRank Online Marketing. He has been coding HTML since 1993 and has been involved in search marketing since 1999.

Prior to joining TopRank, Thom was a Web Specialist at Rochester Institute of Technology where he was in charge of all Web and social presences for the Saunders College of Business and led analytics strategy efforts for the University's mobile initiative. He still serves as an adjunct professor for Saunders College and tutor for National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Craver also led one of the first web marketing firms in Rochester, NY for eight years until successfully merging with an interactive agency in 2004.

He is a regular contributor to Search Engine Watch, ComputerLink Magazine, and has authored training manuals published by SVI Training Products and Technical Learning Resources. His book on web analytics is expected to be released by year's end.

Director of Digital Measurement, ISL Web Marketing and Development

Serving as the Director of Digital Measurement, Matt Cooper brings over 14 years in the IT industry to the team of Business Analysts at ISL Web Marketing and Development. Matt provides consulting in all digital disciplines with an emphasis on Digital Marketing and measurement strategy. A Google Analytics and Adwords certified professional, his industry experience ranges from Government and Post Secondary Education, to B2B and B2C. 

Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences

Brian Massey is the Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences and he has the lab coat to prove it. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses was developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, national speaker and writer.

“Conversion” is the process of converting Web traffic to leads and sales, and Conversion Sciences brings this ability to businesses of all sizes.

Brian began by developing open source analytics systems for companies seeking to build their online channels.

Brian speaks to corporations and universities, and at national conferences including PubCon, OMMA, Innotech, Destination Design Management, and PIA's Converge Conference.

He has developed workshops for professional organizations such as the Direct Marketing Association and Webmaster World. He is a frequent guest on Webinars focusing on online marketing and conversion.

Brian is the author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist.  He authors The Conversion Scientist, and is a columnist for ClickZ.com, Search Engine Land and the Content Marketing Institute. He lives and works in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly entwined.


Director, Performance Marketing – Digital Media, YP
Paid Search Account Strategist, Microsoft

Allen has worked with SMB and premium customers at Microsoft, and has a passion for driving exciting PPC results. He has worked extensively across Bing Ads and Google Adwords, and enjoys connecting data to tell rich stories in search, and across the industry. More often than not, you can find Allen with other coworkers "nerding" out over Excel and finding new insights from seemingly routine data. 

Chairman , SEMPO.org

Chris Boggs is a specialist with 13 years experience in managing paid, earned, and owned digital media campaigns. His current (12/12) role involves working across Internet specialties and industries to implement cohesive strategies and synergies between online marketing campaigns and design, user experience, and conversion optimization best practices.

Chris has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000, within all major industries including extensively in Retail eCommerce, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and B2B. Chris has served on the Board of Directors of SEMPO.org, the Search Marketing Professional's Organization since 2006, was President 2010-2012 and is the Chairman of the current board.  Chris presents regularly at major search marketing conferences and sits on the Advisory Board for Search Engine Strategies, and he is a part time Blogger for Search Engine Watch

Founder and President, Genoo LLC

As President of Genoo, Kim brings integrated marketing tools to small and midsized businesses interested in growing their businesses and using the internet to achieve better results.

In addition, Kim has gained expertise and recognition in helping SMB organizations achieve increased results through utilizing marketing technology to help them generate leads, nurture them effectively, and turn more of them into customers.

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