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  • Marketing mobile
    Digital leaders from Google to national newspapers have seized on Responsive Design as an approach to make adaptive, future friendly web experiences. Your turn! If you’re a marketer who brings technology, business, and creative together – then this is for you.
    30 min  •    •  
  • Marketing mobile, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Publicité numérique et affiliés
    You’ve decided to dedicate PPC resources to mobile. So what do you need to do to optimize your strategy and tactics? Find out in this class.
    30 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Les fondamentaux
  • Marketing mobile
    Smartphones and tablets can’t be considered the “future” of digital marketing any longer because they’re already popular in the present, and getting more popular every day. Understanding the mobile user’s behavior and optimizing the mobile user’s experience is indeed essential at this point.
    30 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Recherche et planification
  • Marketing mobile, B2B numérique
    Design and development make the app – but increasingly it is marketing that makes apps successful. Get an expert tour of how mobile apps open the door for new kinds of customer engagement, and how marketers contribute to every step of app success.
    30 min  •  Intermédiaire  •  Recherche et planification
  • Marketing mobile
    Learn how to build successful barcode campaigns that will engage users and reach a wide range of demographics. Connect with the millions of users who are scanning every day!
    29 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Mode d’emploi
  • Marketing mobile
    Join digital strategist and business professor, Dave Wieneke, for an intense 50 minute look at the state of mobile marketing, and what marketers must know as the mobile channel becomes a primary means of customer engagement.

    You’ll get an expert view of the latest data showing “the state of mobile” from a digital strategist whose team has guided well-known brands to...
    50 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Optimisation
  • Marketing mobile
    This class covers the basics on the ever-changing world of mobile marketing, including industry statistics and best practices.
    16 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Les fondamentaux
  • Marketing des médias sociaux, Marketing mobile
    Our goal as business owners is to attract the right customers and persuade them to buy, but with people searching in a myriad of different places, how do I ensure that my business gets found with social media?
    37 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Les fondamentaux

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