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  • Analítica web y Testing, Publicidad digital y afiliados, Digital BtoB
    They’ve found you. Now give them what they want and show them the path to buying from you by providing a point of entry for those who have decided to click on your ad. Having a dedicated landing page for your PPC prospects is the key to converting them, so your course continues with an overview of the all-important...
    38 min  •  Intermédiaire  •  Optimización
  • Analítica web y Testing, Publicidad digital y afiliados
    In today's digital world we are awash with data, but do you understand how much you have, what you can source, how to make it actionable and who else is making a profit from it? CMOs have come to realize that data is critical but are rarely using it to its full potential because they lack some of the basic...
    37 min  •  Intermédiaire  •  Optimización
  • Analítica web y Testing
    The Analytics Dashboard is the document that you’ll be regularly presenting to your boss. Its function is to summarize your online marketing efforts. In this lesson, you’ll learn what it is, what it isn’t, what it should be, what it shouldn’t be, how to build it, and what it needs to do for you. It’s all here.
    33 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Conceptos básicos
  • Analítica web y Testing, Publicidad digital y afiliados
    How do you measure attribution? First click? Last click? Here’s a way to assign value to various actions so that each click earns its own portion of the credit.
    45 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Investigación y planificación

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